Hapcheon Image Theme Park

This is the entrance into occupation-era downtown Seoul.

And that is the Bando Hotel, flying the colours of the empire.

Trying to get more of the building. It's...pretty accurate, by which I mean recognisable, but far from perfect.

My copy of Photoshop couldn't fill in the sky in this panorama.

I actually have no knowledge of that clock in the middle of the intersection.

Modern construction on old buildings.

This appears to be a Jongno police station.

Also police.

A traditional classroom with traditional Korean CCTV.

"Let's try not to be like North Korea. Instead of hanging a picture of Kim Il-sung, we'll hang a picture of our great leader." I think that's how it worked.

This seems to be Daeheung Theater.

Unlabeled in any language I know.

Kyungsung Station, later known as Seoul Station.

A horse-drawn carriage tour rode by.

Following the alley into the 1970s.

I think I stepped over some tape and wasn't supposed to be back here.


The post office and Taeseong Building.

Behind the fountain is the set for something called "My Way."

Another side of Taeseong Building.

Inside a train carriage.

And there's the train.

The Bank of Korea, a building that still exists. Note the very inauthentic right side.

They did a decent job on some slums.

Good detail on those steps.

I think that is the back of the Bando.

Rocks instead of broken glass.

I took a jet up to Cheong Wa Dae.

Another wider shot of the Bando.

The streetcars weren't working but probably do sometime.

This is labeled a bus terminal.

The bus stop shows a picture of a hilly Gaya Mountain nearby. I remember remarking to myself, "I should come back in the winter sometime."

Randomly in Jinju, I came across a Bando Hospital.

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