Torch Relay

We showed up and the torch relay route suddenly convoluted itself to lead in the opposite direction we'd originally been told.

Here's one shot of one of the contributing photographers for this gallery, Morgan, who I entrusted with my camera.

Morgan gets a picture of me holding another kind of torch.

We learned a couple potential poses.

Michael gets the same shot. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

Here are all four of us who did this particular course. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

While we waited for the torch to come, a crowd gathered. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

Still waiting. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

For some reason I look terrified by the fire. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

Or I'm just really yawning. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

This involved lots of waving. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

Getting ready to run. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

Still yawning. We were not moving fast. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

The press got us to turn around and run back toward them into the sunlight for better pictures. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

They wanted us to come slowly toward the camera, and I mimed running in slow motion. They did not like that. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

This pretty well sums up my experience. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

(photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

We came to this clearing where it ended. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

Group photos time. (photo: Michael O'Dwyer)

Morgan, on the other hand, went downhill to wait.

Practicing photographing me using this dog.

Wondering if I'll trip over one of these.

Here's the press photoshoot.

Coming down.

This photo best captures the whole spectacle, I thought.

They carry sort of a backup flame around in these lanterns.

More group photo time.

Aiming it at Morgan.

Morgan enters Olympics history.

And Verv is like "Torches? Cool!"

"Maybe if it were a little more Polynesian..."

We met up later at Sungkyunkwan.

The thing was still lit, until Michael put it out!

They didn't realise how poorly backlit they were when they staged this.

Morgan can't put the thing down.

We stopped by Mix n Malt so he could show the owner.

And there's Wendell.

Trying to relight it at a barbecue restaurant.

We stopped by Me Cook.

Here's Wendell looking like he's trying not to look guilty of a crime.

Here's me just not giving a fuck.

Yes, they have bottled white people BO.

Here's Buster getting an Olympic boop.

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