Monkey House

This seemed to be a guard house.

In the main building, there was a great deal of garbage on the ground.

The vines were reaching in.

One lonely chair.

Venturing in farther.

This was where they ate.

I wonder what this trophy was for.

A door with a window for observation. Not quite for detainment, as that broken glass shows.

I would guess this was disposed there after abandonment.

I suspect this bench-like thing would have had softer layers on top and would have been used as bedding.

Yeah, I'm sure that is the mayor's personal garbage.

I haven't been totally able to figure out what this is, probably just some sort of cream.

Religious flyers.

A very difficult to read letter.

And a bear.

Where did you go?

The washroom wasn't super nice.

I guess these had been sort of baths.

I got into this weird landing over the stairs.

I'm a little unsure what this is. As best as I can tell, these are rather unconvincing counterfeit banknotes. At first I thought they were some sort of coupon for a church or temple, as you sometimes find fake banknotes on the ground that when you pick them up, they become very obvious flyers urging you to worship whatever gods. But even though these look pretty fake, judging by paper quality and how the printing doesn't quite come to the edge, the most I can find out about the "Bank of Goukrag" is these started appearing at medical facilities around 2010 and scammers made away with some amount of money.

We went back out and got some externals.

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