New Year's Eve

You can tell a party at Morgan's is in full gear and people are enjoying themselves when they're off in their own little world.

Here we are up on the wall.

Directly below us was a short stretch of street following underneath the city wall. orgasmic than I was expecting.

Moments away.

And then my camera started sliding.

The Lotte World Tower fireworks looked a little more

At some point we were kicked off the wall.

It looked like the best fireworks were somewhere around Banyan Tree. I also see fireworks somewhere even further in the distance, maybe across the river. I hadn't noticed those when we were up here.

We set off some sparklers.

Then a voice came over the PA telling us not to.

I stopped by the anti-American restaurant again.

This is their menu, typical Amerikan food.

I always get a picture of people fighting sleep somewhere in Hyehwa every New Year's.

Bomi looks like she's having fun.

At least Eric got to enjoy an assload of McNuggets.

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