GBN Metal Show

This early picture of Igniter was just entertainingly framed enough for me.

Actual music time.

This Octoupoulpe sticker lies. There was no toilet here, just a squatter.

I won't lie, I had problems using it. I ended up using it backwards, which created more of a mess than you'd think. Fortunately, there was a hose nearby that could reach. I believe this led to me missing most of Thrashology.

Someone parked their scooter out front.

Scooter thief!

I'm pretty sure this was Teardrop.

Two looks at Michael.

Now Yuying is setting up for Huqueymsaw.

Jihoon looks like he belongs on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel set in Mullae.

And Dan looks like he just got hit in the face with a bird!

Maybe it's because of Sulsa, but so often my pictures of Yuying, he looks like he's on a toilet.

I got in a good position for Jihoon.

Dan goes crowd surfing, kind of.

"Are you two guys gonna catch me?"

Probably not what he had in mind.

And there's Michael at work.

Another sexy pose.

Better pose.

Maybe pose.

Show's over.

And Fecundation starts setting up.

Meanwhile, here's Dan.

And here's Jihoon, breathing smoke.

I guess the smoke went out of frame?

They are probably laughing at the pictures they think I got.

Friendly Michael.

Creepy Michael.

Now here's Fecundation.

Wouldn't be a show without some headbanging.

This looks like I must have caught someone else's flash.


Out front after.

Time for a cigarette.

This is what she looks like without her glasses.

Heading back to the north side of the river.

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