Santa Claus Conquers the Host

I showed up early to scout the entry point.

I also was on a mission to discover the worst titan in Seoul.

As a bonus, I found the most awkward construction project of Yongsan. They're basically making what looks like a turtle penis sticking out of a shell here.

Meanwhile, some of the outer corridors of the structure are rendered as temporary construction spaces, including this cafe that wants to be normal.

Let's not forget the former location of the electronics market, now Seoul Dragon City.

Merry Christmas, from a constriction site sign you're too eager to pass by to actually read.

I saw this and thought of Nate K.

I don't know how this was extra cold, as it was in the same freezer as every other beer.

Next Korean beer promotional campaign: extra wet! Gordon Ramsay says so! (see if Jamie Oliver will accept a billion won to visit and endorse this.)

We swung by the river to see if there was any fun to be had there. Nope.

Santa took us down the chimney of the city.

We got to the midway point and people started setting stuff up.

Santa came out and blew some stuff up.

Take that, you host!

Then I think this was Michael showing off Taebaek's steel wool industry.

Whoever is crouching in the lower right corner looks like he got some singes.

A weaker throw.

A way weaker throw.

Hold on, Santa's got this shit.

Then some psychedelic stuff started to happen.

And then a Jedi and a Sith lord started dueling.

After a bit, they both started Mace Winduing a bit.

This is the real world version of what happens when a Jedi becomes a force ghost.

Spoiler, here she is astral projecting.

Fire all weapons at her!

Here he is gently brushing it off his shoulder.

So our supreme commander commanded us to stay back as he went out there himself.

Satan had other plans.

Satan lived.

More fighting.

Much more fighting.

Now this is what I call an underground version of Star Wars.

Snoke is Jar Jar Binks!

We exited the tunnel and crossed over to the bone tunnel side. But I didn't get any non-phone pictures and nothing new.

Coming up our escape route.

My camera lens was impossibly fogged over during our whole feast, so I wasn't able to shoot anything until after when we went back outside.

There's that dragon-shaped hotel again.

Terribly blurry but here's our destination, the railyard.

Within the machinery I was able to brace the camera easily and take a sharp image.

A little less sharp.

A little more puddly. A rare winter explore where I wish the temperature were 10 degrees lower.

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