Farewell Kyle and Food for Worms

Here's Green Flame Boys, an odd choice to open the show I thought.

There's the two going away boys.

The Kitsches.

Jae-hyeon looks like he's about to do a cartwheel.

Here's Nonfiction Man, headed by Cherryboy Ahn, formerly of the Swindlers.

And the Talkbats, who seem to be back hopefully for good.

Plus keytar!

This band is Smoking Goose, a great band from Daejeon.

I like how his hand so perfectly mirrors neon Joe Strummer.

Meanwhile, outside.

Meanwhile, inside.

As usual I made fun of the pointlessness of having this projector screen to act as a curtain between bands. And Jeff is cheating by looking around it!

Kyle will eat your face if you look behind the screen early.

Time to let the beer do the talking.

He gets up close and personal.

Shirt comes off. Careful, this is contagious.

The contagion is spreading.

It spreads by skin-on-skin contact.

Kyle goes up.

And stays up.

Really he just wants to kick Michael in the head.

Really badly.

There, got him.

For revenge, he gets three bald guys piled on top of him.

Make that five, two of whom are the same Michael.

Moment over.

A tender moment.

A more tender moment, with me accidentally caught capturing it.

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