Farewell Alex

Michael and I both reached for our cameras to photograph this cardboard collector but neither photographed him wholeheartedly.

Looks like I'm not the only one looking out for stray cats.

Those stairs beckoned me.

Unfortunately the only interesting thing up here was the art.

We're gonna follow that cat.

Michael and Seungyeon were careful walking up.

Finally, we find Alex.

Michael was enjoying the view.

Seungyeon was enjoying a cigarette.

I'm very curious about those stairs up there.

Almost everything is gone.

She also needs a picture of the hole.

They were dismantling the metal parking garage connected to this church. The church must be next.

This isn't part of the redevelopment zone (yet) but Bomi's tattoo shop has apparently moved.

Alex gets slapped.

Jut a big mound of dirt left.

Another view of the church.

We went up to a balcony where we could see everything. Well okay, not everything: you'd need a time machine to see that.

Here's a bigger panorama you can view in larger size.

A closer look at the line between demolished and saved.

Lots of cranes. I bet the construction site down there with the mobile crane will be showhomes.

Here's a closer look at Nogosan where soon there will be highrises uphill.

The ruins of Sogeum-gil.

One more view.

Looks like you can see exposed basements.

And the church and everything further uphill.

Anyway, time for food.

Buying stuff because where else will we find booze on the way to Club SHARP?

...And there's the Makgeolli Man walking straight through Mangwon.

My son's first encounter, but not his last.

We actually encountered him again the next day too, along the street between former Yogiga and Ruailrock while we were doubling on my scooter. He was heading down that way ringing his bell, and we saw each other. We exchanged "pleasantries" and I stuck out my hand to give him a high five from the moving scooter. It was sublime.

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