Everything's Closed

There's red spraypaint on the Magpie Hongdae poster sign out front, saying "demolition." Kind of less striking when there's so many other tags.

This is how the front to Magpie looked the morning afternoon after closing.

Oh damn, they smashed it up good after I left. And had ramyeon.

Vent is also moving.

I passed by this crazy bus on the road. Judging by the anti-CBS message, referring to the Christian Broadcasting System not the US one, as well as the message on the back with the prominent "X Out!" this bus is connected with Shinchonji.

Meanwhile, over in Itaewon.

This part of the Hamilton is undergoing renovation. I doubt the exterior will look any different after it's all done.

And there's Seoul Pub.

That skull actually does look pretty close to hired goon graffiti.

A wider view.

And a look inside.

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