Navy Park

This one visible from the parking lot is Chamsuri Patrol, a destroyer that was involved in hostilities with North Korea in 1999.

This submarine is called the Dolgorae and is the first made-by-Korea sub dating to 1983.

This is Frigate Seoul.

It was pretty crowded for opening weekend.

The interior was also crowded.

Vendors were set up here and there selling stuff.

There was even a tarot reader on board.

Here's how it looks ahead.

The happiest helmswoman ever.

Pretty high security to prevent people from climbing higher.

That structure houses the submarine.

And here's how the sub looks.

They cut out a section of the thing to give people a cross-section view.

A view from the smaller hsip.

This thing had some firepower.

I heard someone remark just as this giant V of birds flew overhead.

Watch out your head.

Back to the sub.

On top of the building with the sub, they had a few things set up, including where you could pose in a sailor's uniform.

Probably the best place to view this ship.

Parking lot ho!

That name always gets to me.

Lots of tents below.

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