Fateful Day

There goes a guy driving with a bunch of flowers, likely either for a wedding or business opening, or a funeral.

I had realy wanted to stage a picture on this roof, but by the time I came back since last week, it was already being destroyed, with the building's stairwell wiped out.

There is the culprit.

One house that still remains.

My nemesis up close.

While I was setting this up, a worker ran over to me, wearing sandals, across a field of debris. To tell me I was in danger. Uh, duh. At least I have safety boots on.

On the way somewhere else.

And after all that, look, a new museum.

I spotted a new restaurant in Hywehwa, called mi-kook-sik-dang, which is an obvious joke about Americans not being able to pronounce their g-k-kk sounds. It sort of mirrors something like lonely-ronery, except in this case the syllable gook is mispronounced as kook, because Americans can't say gook, and it's not like a racial slur or anything. Other signs say "Mi(Chinese character for America) COOK" and "Better Than America." This will not go well eventually.

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