Struck With Fernweh

Yeah, so that's abandoned, if you didn't get the signal. I'm very curious who isn't getting the signal that they have to show it's abandoned so much. And don't blame me because this signal is like setting off a signal flare to me.

So, all of these fruits grow on the grounds of a former red-light district.

Believe me now?

Revisiting an earlier place.

A hooker's fridge.

Two types of butterflies on the wall of a whorehouse.

Very sexy wiring job.

Whorehouse hallway.

Stuck with her.

Giant-ass spider.

Leaves behind a demolition blanket.

Over at a bunker made out of cork.

This might be the first time I've photographed this Buddha in sunlight.

A very weak looking chimney.

I think this paper is something shamanistic.

A composite shot of one old house next door to us. Interesting how the blue metal roof has been bent upward to reveal the reddish tiles.

There's been some demolition.

This cat was too pregnant to run from us.

A steep hillside all demolished.

Looking out over its conquest.

Hey, why is that part of the mountain painted gold?

That church.

I went into one room and there was a big pile of crap so I lost my will to explore.

We came across this cat.

But our goal at this time was to find the motherly cat and feed her.

Here's a larger panorama you can click on to blow up.

And this is the temple.

This turned out to be a belfry.

And here's an impressive pagoda.

That is a pretty impressive bell.

Lots of little Buddhist figures watching us.

We got on the roof of a building.

I almost died for this view, although I guess we almost die for everything always.


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