Abandoned Neighbourhood

I drove west until I got irritated with a traffic light so I took an early right turn, finding myself here.

It was a pretty low-key neighbourhood in an already low-key area.

I was too fixated on the ground surfaces. How do places get like this? Who puts the bricks in?

This building looks pretty old-school.

This cat was loud and hungry but wouldn't eat in front of me.

This rabbit was not hungry and didn't have a real mouth.

Collapse warning.

Just putting paint on stuff.

These yellow ginkgo leaves contrasted with the pinkish building.

Is that pink?

The third floor is marked as such.

On one of the landings.

The fourth floor was simply the landing between third and fifth floors.

The concrete here looks like it would dissolve in the rain.

I went down this staircase which looked like it was ready to collapse.

When I got to the bottom, I saw there were signs saying yes, this could collapse.

This sign seems more like it's telling people to evacuate their homes.

Peering in through a crack.

This is basically the front lobby.

The front stairs.

And more DIY landscaping.

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