It's thataway.

Some buildings still stand among the fences cutting off already demolished areas.

I peered over the shutters in front of one place and took this.

Around back, it looks like the back wall was ripped out.

Twisted up old prostitutes' mattresses.

The wood looks burned but traditional.

This section of buildings was being demolished but then it stopped before going any farther.

Where prostitutes used to sit.

I'm curious what this poster used to be.

Inside a whorehouse.

Further around back, I wandered into a Hanok.

The wood frames and the shape of the whole place are the main signs of its heritage.

And the low overhead on doors.

Another impassable way, I saw more hired goon graffiti.

Above me, a cat watched.

I couldn't get into this place.

It looks like an awful mess out there.

The wreckage of one wood building shows too many nails.

Someone here liked records and liked Lee Seung-chul.

And Dutch-themed snow globes?

And turtles.

And...okay, relatable.

And dogs.

A storefront with protest signs.

This alley was pretty well untouched and overgrown.

Not in good shape.

Odd-looking tiles. And sadly I probably know two guys who could tell me the history of specifically this.

And this pinwheel.

Hopefully they don't know anything about this car.

I found a prostitute chair back here.

A sturdy but humble bollard.

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