RASKB Seongbuk-dong Tour with JiHoon

Well that looks dangerous.

JiHoon lectures in front of a construction wall. A man after my own heart.

This building used to be a brothel, until the madam converted to Buddhism and it became a temple.

Maija has a question.

Waiting out at the bus stop.

I noticed some buidlings in Seongbuk had been demolished since my last visit. They were long gone but up the hill behind them I spotted these. JiHoon confirms they aren't tombs.

Beholden to JiHoon's words.

Closest I got to a portrait.

Everyone in the group was cold, except this one woman who was from Sweden. I wasn't bold enough to go sleeveless but we bonded over our tolerance, even appreciation, of the weather.

Last stop.

I went around back of this house and saw the chimney.

In the alley nearby, this sign was pasted to a wall.

No discrimination.

Some of the houses in this picture are abandoned.

Impressive stairs.

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