Sindo Jaeil Church

There it is, just as I remember it. Red Rosemary Jesse Annan Jeffrey Solmin Michael Aaron

Yes, that appears to be the cross lying on the ground.

I found the cornerstone which gave me the names of two USFK personnel who likely funded the construction of this church. I found a suggestion Alfred Gallucci was alive as of 2004, but I think I found an obituary for Harold Beaty. It would be interesting to know their story.

There was an open vault in the bottom floor of the church.

And books on top.

A lonely chair.

Lots of Christmas lights.

Another lonely chair.

This looked almost like a shrine, like they were worshipping the portrait. I know I should know who that is but I'm struggling.

Three seven-year-olds.

I eyed the upper floor but there was no responsible way in.

Here's a view from off center.

And there's the cross.

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