Yongsan Legacy at Yongsan-gu Office

This picture shows the Host Tunnel, back before it was covered over and a road was built overtop. I celebrate every Christmas down there.

In the right side, you can see a rail bridge with three visible slits underneath. I believe that structure still existed until only a couple years ago. It used to make it very hard to cross underneath to the Bone Tunnel, and this is where I fell through the ice one Lunar New Year.

This picture, which is probably sideways, shows which directions the Host Tunnel flows. The Bone Tunnel travels straight north, but also one branch runs under Yongsan Garrison.

This picture shows the parts of hte area that used to be prone to flooding.

And on base, there is actually a sort of memorial to the buried stream, sort of a mini-Cheonggyecheon presumably made by the Americans. I previously had no idea.

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