Former USO

This church is right next to the property.

Coming up through the closed parking lot entrance, you get a better view of the church.

Ahead, the way to the former USO building is overgrown.

Here's the front door.

Inside, it is blank.

Around the side, there are benches for smokers.

The interior is empty.

Anyway, here's a roof door.

Looking down over the surrounding area. That pit used to apparently be a ramp up to the parking lot.

This parking lot, now empty for no reason.

In the other direction, abandoned vending machines.

And in the distance, Seoullo 7017.

This is the best view I could get of the top floor structure.

And the church next door.

This power box or whatever was still running.

Another view of the front door.

Way down in front, on the street level, was this sketch.

This is what it's like down there.

Then I went shoe-shopping.

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