South Side

A bee clock.

Wow, that was less demolished my last visit.

And that was less built.

This is outside a church.

Jay takes pictures.


Some sort of sketch for the church they want?

Time for stained glass.

The main room place.

"It's too loud for me to live" I think is the translation.

Scaffolding rammed through stained glass.

One of these spiders.

Is that a pentagram under there?

Hidden behind the wall.

This is how the church presently looks.

Overseas mission work.

Out on the roof.

We fed the black-and-white cat, and then the black cat showed up.

Another empty house.

This is the entrance to Bamgol Village.

The house on the left is inhabited and the two on the right are not.

As we wandered in, we passed a teenage girl coming down from the inhabited house, and the resident saw. So, we went up and said hi and Jay heard her story.

Since my last visit, the other evictees have fled, leaving her the last one remaining. The construction company has gotten nastier, she said. She doesn't leave home, partly because it is dangerous, partly because if she does they'd probably demolish it. She hasn't been able to go to church which is bothering her.

One more picture of Jay in front.

There's this weird ridge running through the area.

At the recently abandoned grocery store at the bottom, we found this vintage OB alcohol-free beer.

Probably it's so old it actually is alcoholic now.

Check out this abandoned house behind our Gangnam friends' amazing rooftop home.

Matt and Peter Parker.

Peter Parker isn't quite ready for web shooters yet. Before you think the worst, these two are super attentive parents. A baby is better off on the ledge like this under the full care of two parents than he is unsupervised.

A view of the top level of the apartment.

Next door.

He thinks about jumping across, but doesn't.

Though he does go up higher.

Matt and Kelly turn on the fire.

Hot dogs.

I got some great pictures of Kelly and Peter.

Animation 1.

And animation 2.

This guy gives us a demonstration on how fast he can pick this lock.

The tool kit.

It didn't take long.

Though the geeking out after did take longer.

Group photo attempt 1.


3, probably best.

Then, we went into that abandoned house next door, thanks largely to our friendly neighbourhood lockpicker.

I took this, then when I looked at it later I was like "so what?" Then I was once again like "Oh shit, western socket!"

Korea Rocket Boiler

Looks like they collect crystals in here.

That's one busted squatter.

I jumped outside and determined this was the exterior garage door. I knocked on it and apparently scared everyone else out.

We went back inside where I hung out with Peter Parker. After talking with Kelly, who said it is hard to find babies for Peter Parker to hang out with, I came up with the idea for "Tinder for Babies!" which probably put me on a few watchlists.

Next, here's the opposite of a baby, a metalhead.

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