Chuseok Day 3

I told people to meet at the top of the stairs at Yongsan Station, our usual meeting point. Only this time, it was swallowed by a construction site.

A group photo at the tunnel mouth.

At the halfway point, one explorer tries another way out. It was locked from above.

Iron Man.


Figuring out exactly how we're going to navigate this stuff.

Robert guides the way.

Led by a blind man.

This is the way forward.

At the mouth of the Bone Tunnel.

The Bone Tunnel doors.

It is called Ukcheon down here.

One reason it's called the Bone Tunnel.

Escape from the Bone Tunnel.

We took a different escape route out.

Near our exfiltration point, we found this weirdass setup.

The doors would habitually slide open and closed.

It turns out, they're testing the next generation of suicide doors, right in public view in a weird place.

we didn't go farther than that sign.

This being the sign.

In the Yongsan Pocha Chon basement, I realised the reflection in this hall at the washroom entrance made it more epic.

Overlooking Yongsan Railyard, which was totally not a forest back when I used to slip in there.

Alex is totally brave enough to climb this.

I swear.


There he is!

Pretty sketchy back here.

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