Chuseok Day 2

We hit the flying saucers, not pictured here.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Conor surveys his domain.

Ali sexes up the roof.


We noticed some artwork on the roof over there.

Ever wonder how buildings stay on the surface of the Earth? They have these jet engines pushing them down into the planet so they don't float away.

We come in peace.

The next roof we found had actual earth on it.

Still a decent view.

I think I hit the roof of that before.

It's nice for a picnic.

I am looking forward to photographing that during blue hour.


Another view of an urban peak.

There's the city wall and Heunginjimun on the left.

Is it weird it is greener up here?

Going higher.

I mean I guess green is the wrong word, but...

Two more helipads.

Lights are starting to turn on.

Lots of demolition there.

While he gets his next-level-lookdown shot.

There's the market.

More lights.

We both had some ideas for shots up there. He likes standing, I like sitting.

Then the helipad lights came on and we boogied out.

Other than another look at the actual market.

And the city wall.

And a few more of these.

Time to get out of here.

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