Zandari Day 3

I started my day with Green Flame Boys.

Then I ran over to Gogos2 to see the Twistettes from Scotland.

And I ran over to see Iman's League from Singapore, friends from almost two years ago.

Next stop was Freebird to see Dizzy Brains from Madagascar.

And then over to Rolling Hall to see Bohemian Betyars, a Hungarian "speed-folk freak-punk" band that brought a lot of people together.

Solmin remarked this guy looked like Guy Fieri.

He looks kind of like my Croatian friend Ivan.

And there's Jina of Billy Carter enjoying them.

Outside, over by Zandari HQ.

Sorry Jina.

"What do you mean, Kingston Rudieska is playing the afterparty?"

"What do you mean, the Barberettes are accompanying Kingston Rudieska for a couple songs?"

As I pointed out to my mom, that saxophone should look familiar.

I totally forget who he was.

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