Abandoned on Inwangsan

I walked into this abandoned apartment...

For a look out a window on what was further uphill. Is that a Buddhist temple?

Anyway, on the other side of the stupid blanket, lots of stairs.

I liked the wrinkling in this layer of waterproof paint.

A stark enough difference.

Hey, there's also an abandoned church up there.

Yep, that's a temple alright, although a small one.

Let's see that in panorama form.

This building seemed more like it was looking back at me than the others.

The materials used to create the shape of the earth we navigate.

Some of the lanterns at the temple.

Name and phone number.

Also there was this creepy kid statue nearby.

A wider view on the temple, dwarfed by highrises.

Down there you can see some pretty notable landmarks of the area.

Inside the compound.

The lighting is sort of coming from the wrong side but there are other ways to view it.

Inside the temple, pretty normal.

Oh, except for this room.

Christmas lights?

Like fallen angel feathers.

Out back, I took this picture, then remembered I was looking directly into people's apartments.

So, other direction, looking over the roof of the temple.

And down on the area.

Oh yeah, so there's also a church. Religions united in abandonment.

This attempt at a panorama had an unusual effect on that one brick apartment building, which looks like it's lunging out of the mountain.

Okay, onto Christianity next.

And apparently more Buddhism?

One of the brick buildings at the top of the neighbourhood had this big picture window on the top floor, looking directly onto the bare rock, which they inexplicably painted gold.

And left this thing which reminds me of Lord of the Rings in Korea.


The roof of this building was pleasant.

I went up one of the other similar buildings and the top floor looked like this. Not painted gold but very dark, with what looks like but couldn't be a well built in.

There's a ball pit somewhere nearby.

Steep streets.

Animals and wet concrete.

So anyway, that church.

This room looks like it should be a washroom but didn't seem to have any fixtures inside.

A happy Christian snail that has no afterlife waiting for it.

I found the sticker choice unusual.

A bit psychedelic for Jesus.

And a little yogaish for Jesus.

I want to go to a city that looks like that.

The place next door was a mess.

Lots of persimmons rotting on the ground.

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