I arrived just in time to see Struggle Session, Nevin's band.

Weird white balance settings for a moment.

And there's Nevin.

I would later find out the girl on the left is the lead singer of Die Chiwawa Die.

The bassist pulled down his pants a bit, and someone (I'm not going to tell anyone it was you, Yoon-gwang) stuck a drumstick in his crack.

After the show, Kiseok meets another straight-edge person.

She wanted to be on stage.

Mostly to figure out how to mess with the drums.

Group photo.

Coming up the stairs, Mikhail wonders when he'll see his bandmates in Pseudo again.

A quick group photo out front, mainly with the foreigners as most of the Koreans, minus Mizno and Kiseok, ran off to get food. Something I'd been trying to get everyone to do for hours.

I led everyone to a charcoal dakgalbi place.

Canadians to my right, Chinese to my left.

And Ken doing his Muppet impression.

Liam had apparently been hit in the head with a flying bass during the Seoul Dolmangchi set. After a few hours he came back with a bloodstained shirt to hang out again.

I think I interrupted a serious moment.

Less serious now.

Yeah, he looks pretty messed up.

The Times refused to print this in my Zandari article.

I believe it was Young-sam himself who threw the bass and struck another bassist in the head.

Time for a second group shot outside.

A few of us ran through and cleaned out the restaurant, by drinking any remaining beer.


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