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Jacco guides us around.

Going up the street behind Deoksugung, in front of the US ambassador's residence. Apparently the wall on the left for the palace is a new creation, and the palace boundary originally would have come up right to the US legation wall on the right.

This is the mythical walkway between Deoksugung and the British embassy.

Out of there, and standing in front of a skinny building.

We got a look as a gate suddenly pulled open.

What's inside.

I will have to do some research to figure this out exactly.

This one I know is the former Seonwonjeonteo, and since abandonment the only remotely original element is that seonbi tree. Oh well, it's an improvement from when this was used as a police bus parking lot.

How much lamb do they have?

This is an architectural easter egg that impresses me the more I think about it.

Back in front of Daehanmun.

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