Behind the Bowling Titan

I went in through the back and got as far as this room before I ran out of room to advance.

Looking back, flimsy roof.

Flimsy hall.

Back out in civilisation.

This is how it looks from the front.

This is an active snail restaurant right next door.

These two trucks selling their wares made it hard for me to enter.

Anyway, I did enter, and I found this poster for what I think is this business.

I've slipped through narrower.

A beer-and-snail restaurant.

Guessing a regular corner store.

You can see the shadows of previous buildings on the wall of the building next door. I'm a little confused how we can see two competing roof lines.


Most of that is untouched.

That alley leads back to civilisation if you're willing to deal with a flimsy tall fence.

Inside a place, it is cramped and the materials are old.

The roof was in this shape.

There's another shack nearby.

A corner with more corrugated roof tiles. I believe none of these materials were actually asbestos, despite how they look.

These too. It was all a plastic material.

There's the bowling titan.


The staircase was tiny.

From another roof.

Looking back at the buildings I'd been in, on the right.


Time to head out.

Well, maybe some snails first.

No seats free.

Meanwhile, at another construction site, I contemplate limboing under this gate.

And here's one parting shot at the Navy Park in Mangwon.

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