RASKB Buam-dong Tour

First, one image from in front of my office.

We got off the bus up on the shoulder of Bugaksan where we could see the area where the 1968 Blue House Raid went down.

Climbing up the stairs.

The ceiling of Changuimun has roosters apparently.

Jihoon lectures about the gate.

Climbing a hill in Buam-dong.

Showing off historic pictures.

Random strangers climbing the hill.

We found these old tombs by the side of the road, likely from a nearby excavation site.

Optimistically, they're waiting for transport to a museum somewhere.

On the roof of Seoul Museum.

In the distance we have a nice view of the city wall.


A look back at Bugaksan and the city wall stretching higher over the mountain.

Nearby, a restaurant with some surprisingly good architecture. Somehow I only took this picture though.


On the way to Okcheon Hermitage.

I noted the tunnel entrance.

A monk came over to instruct us about a religion that eschews all material possessions, and hand out plenty of souvenirs.

A fish ladder.


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