A little old house adrift at sea.

Pretty fucked up sea.

Curious how much of this hill if any will be saved.

Over in Singil.

About half of this area has been destroyed.


Or vertical?

Panoramified. Click for full size.

There's an active Buddhist temple over there still.

Everything across the road seems active, for now.

What in the world is that? Looks like it's for a drumkit.

Waste of a blanket.

I wandered through the demolition area, as did the guy ahead of me.

Gotta catch 'em all.

Mike Dijital would approve.

Che Guevarra probably wouldn't.

Humans wouldn't.

Empty apartment.

This area had two very different apartment complexes side by side, both abandoned.

A more modern take on the same type of roof.

My escape route.

A cyclopean giraffe.

And a cat I think was pregnant.

Back to the naval park.

D'oh, fishermen.

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