Religion is for the birds.

Waiting for the Steel Face washroom.

It turned out he was the kid of one of the Ni-hao members.

Octopoulpe, perfect for kids. At least if they're Japanese.


About to get O'Dwyered.

What is it with Steel Face and people sitting on the floor?

This is the sweat stain from where JP's back touched the wall behind the drums.

Ni-hao set up.

Meanwhile, the roof.

Back inside.

Totally unsure if this is them playing.

Doug is confused.

Goyang is the master of floor sitting in Steel Face.

As evidenced by this.

They had one song that was basically pop.

They pulled me on stage and gave me a drumstick, and wandered into the crowd.

Taking over the bar.

Fortunately Goyang took over the drumming from me.

On the roof with Shin Hae-nam.

Outside with Ni-hao and family.

Michael O'Travers.

I tried getting Ni-hao together for a group photo.


Other table.

Sleep time.

Not what you want to see when the pants come off.

Good night.

Out in the alleys with Michael O'D.

I wonder what happened here.

Lots of garbage.

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