Jarasum Makgeolli Festival


More ingredients, in yeast form.

This bottle is staring at me.

This was the most colourful part of the festival, and the most interesting.

They had a hongju still.

Old guys sitting around doing what old guys do.

Younger people too.

Younger still.


I wish the focus was better.

Never seen iwhagok balled up like this.

I got a couple pictures of one of the people here.

Then I sat down for some makgeolli and jeon.

These bottles were going after people.

I tried posing them too.

Spin the wheel, get free stuff.

Finally I ran into people I know.

Interesting how this makgeolli is packaged in sake-like boxes for the Japanese market.


Nearby, a South American band.

The main stage was the opening ceremony.

These are not Turkish kebabs.

Everyone gets balloons!

A little more crowded now.

Sunset on the way out.

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