Oil Tank Culture Park

Heading toward the main oil tank, which previously would not have been in that spot. The pavement in between used to be a parking lot.

This used to be a disrepaired road.

That thing is actually pretty impressive to see.

A view from slightly uphill.

I went inside the first oil tank, which was being used for what I think was going to be wheelchair basketball.

Pretty impressive structure.

This view is maybe a little more human-scale.

Another oil tank, where they removed the tank and left the concrete structure holding it.

It is now a wide open space. I remember visiting this one last year with other explorers and puzzling over what it would become.

An elevator down?

The outer wall is original.

I actually don't know where this stone came from.

Another look at the main one.

More paths leading to more up there.

Inside the main one.

Looking toward the second one.

I saw a ladder so I figured I had to climb.

This one was left as authentic as possible.

Which was not entirely authentic.

A familiar view but nicer grounds.

Another oil tank.

Pretty authentic back here. Moments before I took this I ran into Galaxy Express bassist Juhyun and his girlfriend.

The rock was cleared away by this project.

The ceiling of another tanker.

I think this one is for performances including circuses.

Used to be my way in, now sealed.

I like the structure.

A closer look at the food trucks.

Meanwhile, over in Susaek New Town.

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