New Generation of Ska Fest 2017 Part 5

Down on street level for South Carnival.

That fog machine is pretty powerful considering we're outside.

Just so Jinsuk doesn't feel alone.

Suddenly, dramatic lasers and cowbell.

His sunglasses reflect a lot if you zoom in.

Anyway, this is what he would see in his sunglasses.

There's Solmin, having presumably already lost her bag.

Rose wants a girl photo.

Girl photo!

Anyway, back to sitting.

And now moving on to Ali-ing.

Vertical better?

This picture makes me feel like Michael Hurt.

And this picture has whistles.

And hitting sticks together.

It's just about perfect blue hour now.

I wandered around and took street photos.

That is an interesting retro outfit.

Not sure what she was shooting but I can go low too.

Couple photo.

Father and son photo.

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