New Generation of Ska Fest 2017 Part 3

Coquettish, the second Japanese act.

I get the look even if it is a little outdated now, but what's with the eye stitches?

The lead singer jumped into the street.

Carrying him back.

It may have been the first time I saw Jeff and Trash in months.

Good shirt.

Back at the convenience store.

I hadn't realised I met the Ninja Turtles guy.

Turns out this shirt was made months ago, long before Charlottesville.

The night before, literally, an old friend who moved away, one of three black skinheads I've met here, messaged me asking why all the American punk bands were being silent on racism. I told him I'd ask Suicide Machines the next day, and was able to send him this picture.

More time on the ground means more energy saved, unless you're a washing machine.

Now it's Ska Wakers.

I'm guessing she's Japanese.

And they're Koreans.

Not so flattering.

Excessively flattering.

I promised a picture of an elderly woman enjoying ska.

Though the average age was closer to this.

Oh wait, people I know.

Now this is getting a little weird.

I ran into Rollings. I'm mildly sure they remember me from their first visit, when I introduced them to the makgeolli man.

Not enjoying it so much.

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