New Generation of Ska Fest 2017 Part 2

Further down the street.

I got up on a roof for a better view.

Looking west toward Yeonnam-dong.

And more toward Yeonhee-dong. They still haven't done anything about that hillside construction.

I've never actually gone to this mountain and seen what's there.

Overlooking the stage between bands, and Yonsei University. Last time we were here for the festival, that whole area was a construction pit.

An interesting church amid motels.

This is what most people think of when they picture Sinchon.

In the alley where there's the patch of geren there used to be a very good restaurant that served duck bulgogi. I think it switched menus but not owners. The owner claimed to me to have written "Old Friend."

I was bold enough to climb to the other side of the roof and overlook the rotary.

A closer look at it.

This is a view straight up the street that I hadn't imagined before.

My previous favourite roof.

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