New Generation of Ska Fest 2017 Part 1

I showed up as Rulerz were playing.

It's always fun seeing scene people suddenly being security. They all make very good staff though.

Here's the stage this year. Right side third from top is i.Ska.u which they totally should've used.

Mingeun always gets photographed a lot by me at these.

Not for lack of trying.

Jinsuk does spend a lot of time with his tongue out.

It's enjoyable watching trains roll by.

I had to run home to get a battery recharger, and totally missed Rudy Guns unfortunately. Next I saw was Rollings.

This is something like their fourth visit here.

I'd seen Haru at the NST show a week earlier, but can't remember the last time I saw Daesoop.

I also can't remember the last time I saw Hong Gu.

Normal girls.

Punk girls.

These portable fans have been everywhere this year.

Another way to beat the heat.

Now Burning Hepburn.

Jinyong showed up and I managed to get clear shots of his forehead tattoo.

Sharing makgeolli.

I can't remember if there's a specific reason he's giving me that look, or why I took this.

Jinyong isn't that old.

What is it with this country and ska conga lines?

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