Wirye New Town

From this pile of mud I can see Korea's tallest building.

Totally different lot, where there seems to be an albakgi on the far side of the lot.

Behind me is another albakgi where they have these LPG tanks.

This whole neighbourhood sits next to a tall white fence.

Oh wait, there's another open gate. Let's do go in.

Click for a wider panorama.

The excavators seem to be chewing their way through this mountain.

Same view in panorama form.

This material seems to be chewed up old demolished material from other sites.

I climbed one of the "mountains" here and got this. Click for larger view.

That was as far as I was willing to drive in this way.

The other way, I went a bit farther.

Until I saw vehicle traffic in the distance and pulled back.

Some church back out in regular society.

I stopped by here near Kondae for street food.

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