The other Ant Village

Driving around.

Imposing building with dramatic lighting.

I passed under an overpass and when I came out on the other side the sky was clearer and the light was strong. It was very psychologically weird, like I'd stumbled into a corner of Seoul not normally part of the city.

I hit a roof to see around.

Ugh, sketchy stairs.

This was all I could see. No abandonments in sight.

Someone used this roof for putting practice.

Back down on the street, I took this picture on impulse. Somehow I don't normally notice things like this anymore.

So a short ways away I found a substantial neighbourhood with signs of abandonment.

These stairs had been installed leading the way down.

A building in bad shape.

And another.

Time is running out.

I got up to a roof to get this view of the area.

Hard to tell where the wall between redevelopment and safe is.

Damaged roof.

It looks like someone threw the water tank from the roof I'm on down onto that roof.

Damn that white line at the top. This is a panorama of what I saw below me.

One more view of the area.

A streetside view.

This one had fresh laundry.

This one, hard to tell.

This image is a couple exposures stitched together.

Somehow the nicest building in the area was the public washroom. It was filthy inside.

Found in front of a house.

There are those stairs again. You can tell the metal stairs were installed to help people up and down those steep stone stairs.

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