Former Military Stuff

This tunnel is more colourful from other angles.


Next to that graffiti is this unmarked gate.

On the other side, it is not so unmarked.

Enhanced so you can read it.

I ditched my licence plate and wandered up on foot. Didn't find much, just a winding road clearly previously protected, leading to a gate that seemed unmanned.

Meanwhile, there's another road off the main road leading up to a wedding hall.

I got up on a roof and looked in on the army retreat.

Looks like a chapel.

These buildings look a little more utilitarian, with the parking lot.

Attempted panorama.

That regularly ugly apartment complex was catching the sunset just right.

I had time to kill before blue hour so I tried all sorts of ways to shoot this mountain.

Click for full panorama.

Anyway, I'm waiting for the sun to go down on this scene in particular.

I always forget that hotel's name, just that I know there are actual street-walking prostitutes up there after dark.

The big white building past the overpass is Blue Square I believe. You can also see the abandoned apartments of Hannam Village and past that the hill which is, I don't know, Itaewon. And then Gangnam and stuff.

Click for a wider panorama which unlike last time includes a security camera.

This was such a terrible attempt to create a panorama, but I like how it just plops out.

Yet another pano.

Is it getting darker yet?

The doors are locked, sort of...

Another ridiculous panorama that shows everything's proximity.

I knew when it would get dark but somehow that never helps. Plus I had no beer.

The clouds looked nice at least.

Same view, more of a vertical panorama.

And another look at the base.

And the parking lot.

Getting a little streaking action.

In this shot you can see traffic on a major road in Gangnam, I think the Gyeongbu Expressway.

Anyway, let the games begin.

How did I get green streaks?

This is around peak blue hour.

And this is after peak.

I gave the other direction the benefit of the doubt, but not a great vantage point, plus I might have been on camera.

Looking toward Banyan Tree, a Kim Swoo-geun original that I explored just before it was remodeled.

The lights came on at the wedding hall part of the base.

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