Museum Town

Some of the new Hanoks built here.

This building looks to be mostly original material.

My previous visit, this was not bricked up yet.

Contrasting styles.

That building looks authentic, at least in form.

Someone left most of a Coke. Score! This is why I originally got into urban exploring.

There were still lots of workers around.


I like to dring coke too, hence this whole adventure.

Here's what Museum Town looks like.

A closer look at the cop titan.


I don't fully remember what is authentic here but I'm pretty sure that streetside facade is totally not.

On the bright side, if you get injured while exploring, you can probably crawl to the nearest hospital.

I went further back into the New Town project.

Grey enough to be depressing as hell, but Korean residential mass-architecture has come a long way.

On one of those authentic buildings though.

The construction wall was expressive.

Even if the cop titan's expression is stony.

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