Under the Cop Titan

This is the first building I saw on slipping over the fence.

This building is actually a reconstruction of what used to be a vinyl bar we visited last a couple years ago before it closed. The owner seemed confident he would be moving back here after it was complete.

This...looks familiar.

The alley is familiar but the surfaces are not.

Some interesting architecture under the Samsung hospital.

A decapitated Bobcat.

A two-storey elevator to make the area more accessible, I guess.

Not sure what all the walkway is for yet.

Those look like faithful restorations.

This, no, this is all pod people Hanoks. Ironic that these are the least historic buildings on this site.

A quick look inside to confirm this is a Hanok in exterior decoration only.

It still looks pretty.

Let us always remember, after returning to this vinyl bar, there used to be a portable urinal in the madang.


The cop titan.

And another even more awkwardly placed urinal.

Traditional construction materials from Hanspek.

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