Abandoned Amusement Park

Some spinning cups.

Ryan looks damp but ready.

These rides look like the taxi from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

"Not Allowed to Pregnant" again. No wonder Korea has a declining birthrate.

That damn Jeep again.

Ryan gets his head eaten by the T-rex.

Margarita tries to act fear.

A little easier to photograph in the daylight.

It took Margarita to ask: why Bavaria exactly? What does any of this ride have to do with the region?

This is what they look like asking the hard questions.

This is how Ryan usually gets his answers.

Down underneath the Peter Pan ride is the most photogenic part of the park.

Ryan creeps around.

Ryan attempts to walk the plank.

These were autonomous steering rides.

Somehow my pictures of Margarita on the Nude Viking turned out foxy.

Ryan, not so much.

Robert helped push us along.

And Paul showed up late and saw the nude viking ship turning in the distance.

That shack has a needless Peter Pan image on it.

Random hidden ride.

Some of the decorations on the triceratops ride.

I guess dinosaurs are technically nude.

Scooby Doo meets George Jetson, Fred Flinstone, and Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo.

Daffy and Bugs and one big hole.

Goofy and characters I can't name off the top of my head.

A Bavarian?

Group shot.

Robert will get this Jeep moving or else.

So when you rotate this ride, it makes the most hideous scream-like creaking ever. We got it turning on three axes: each car spinning, the four cars spinning around that axis, and that arm holding the four-car axis spinning around a central unit.

Separated at birth?

Daffy Duck's expresion is joyless.

Robert: "Hold my beer."

We warned him not to actually sit in that thing.

Yosemite Sam.

Robert survived only to spin himself to insanity.

Robert had a lot of fun here.

Ryan looks like he has a headache.

Robert triumphantly drops his pants.

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