Another Abandoned Amusement Park

Hey, this one has a Ferris wheel! This one somewhat reminds me of the one in my hometown, but is slightly larger (12 vs 8).

This damn Jeep sits on the path between the two halves of the amusement park.

That over there is the second half.

A sassy train.

Looks like we got ourselves a convoy.

A traditional Tasmanian bumper car.

Also, a very mutilated T-rex.

And its sidekick wet panda.

I've seen this ride in many places, including Yongma Land.

I've seen these dinosaurs before, but not all assembled on a ride, I think.

Seen many "viking" ships, but never a "nude viking" one.

This one is also novel to me. Spinning pieces on spinning plates, dinosaur theme.

A Peter Pan-themed ship was the highlight. The spinning triceratopses.

The frog hopper ride didn't get much attention from me as it was more exposed to the sports field.

I realised I forgot my lenscap just as I was leaving, and I had to walk all the way back to the farthest part to retrieve which point I determined the lighting situation was advantageous.

Ugh, fuck these signs.

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