End of Stay

Mike admires Jebus's pin collection. I glanced through it and found a set of duplicates, which means I win a prize.

Here's me with Jean-Pierre Van Eck and his very amazing wife May.

Road work on the road directly south of Whyte, so, 81 Ave?

Hi doggy.

Crossing time.

I won't lie, I took this picture to get an image of the last gasp of the South Park car lot of this location. But also because it's the right thing to do, I gave money to this guy, because he earned it.

Check out this house, which seems to use three different zones of building materials.

Here's a view of us driving southward to downtown, with that abandoned power plant on the right.

I hadn't meant to take the last picture but I had meant to take this one.

That is a lot of Canada flags.

Now this is what I call architecture.

This image is taken about three hours after the last one, as we are driving home.


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