Travelling to Jasper

This is one of the last views we had before we left Edmonton. That's the downtown core way in the distance.

So many Canada flags everywhere. I get that 150 is a big number, but what do flags add?

This is the Alberta I remember.

We stopped at Canmore where this view greeted us.

A more mountainy view.

Sort of same mountains, closer.

More mountains that would probably not fly for Korean hikers. Not to say I would have any more aptitude.

Another ridge.

And a bunch of water or wahtever.

My dad takes a picture of something.

Probably this. It's not easy to photograph how pants-splittingly terrifying this canyon is.

Other direction.

Click for panorama.

I believe that black line in the corner is just me erasing a mirror. Ignore please.

Oh look, sheep, my Chinese zodiac symbol.

They seemed to be a large herd that was crossing the road.

We saw quite a few cross the road in front of us.

Same ones from above.

This one had a bald patch that reminded me of Millie.

Now this one reminds me of Millie when I have to shave her after she gets dreadlocks.

This just reminds me of the special effects in the movie "2012," which I never actually bothered watching. But it seems it depicted continental shelves leaping skyward as such.

To the right, the formations are more like shit that tried to poke upward but broke off.

Oh hi, glacier.

We stopped at this waterfall.

There were washrooms.

Next was Athabasca Glacier, which was...somewhere up in that direction.

Ah, that's it nowadays.

A closer look.

Not too unpopular.

The signs are pretty extreme.

Or wait, what's more extreme than extreme? No, not hilarious.

Time to head back to Earth.

An interesting pattern.

The result of whatever processes govern this land.

By the time we got to Peyto Lake, the sun was already getting low.

Click for full size.

A closer look at the wolf head.

And a less close view as the tourists showed up.

Heading back up to the parking lot.

Or just looking at that tree.

We drove back to an intersection in the road where there was a restaurant, plus a good view of the mountains. This is around 7pm.

This must be around when we start driving back toward the prairies, hoping to beat the darkness.

Spoiler: we beat the darkness, and we ground it underfoot.


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