Edmonton Urban Explorers

We met up at a McDonald's, where I got a prize in my Happy Meal.

We went to campus, where I saw the side of this building under renovation which contained what appear to be five death doors. Well, four, considering that bottom one is at a survivable height.

I would have liked to observe this long-term comparatively to Korean projects.

This is the community of Alberta urban explorers I met.

Better posed picture.

And the ninth member of the group.

We scouted the Dent-Pharm building, which sounds like it's been abandoned since shortly after I moved away.

A wider panorama.

Built in 1946.

Odd that I can see a Canadian flag behind the window. Those things aren't on display all the time, so this must be something recent.

I got into an interior courtyard where I could really admire the architecture.

The computer I was using to make panoramas didn't have enough thinking power to fill in the blank spaces in the sky.

I managed to get to a locked back door where I could see inside. That black-and-white checkerboard floor brings me back to my university days.

We went around to the front where we discovered the lobby entrance was unlocked. The lobby itself was beautiful, at least by my standards.

I grabbed the locked door as someone was coming out and wandered in, talking on my phone to my friend in Dent-Pharm the whole way.

This hallway used to be my shortcut if I needed to cut east-west across campus in the winter.

So we got routed out of there pretty fast, though it was a clean break. It turns out the old building is now in use for examining theses. I'm not sure where Dent-Pharm went. But I was sure to take this picture as we exited the locked door.

We then went and scouted out this crane, which is part of a reconstruction project on a very short government building. Also, the crane itself was very poorly protected. If you had a physical disability, you could probably get to the base with a stepladder.

Heading down to the End of the World.

Don't run too fast!

This used to be Keillor Road, a shortcut from the neighbourhood behind us which is adjacent to the university, down to around where the Whitemud Equine Center used to be. I remember taking this road many times before, but apparently it closed to traffic in 1991.

The view up here is beautiful, or it would be if all these soggy urban explorers didn't get in the way.

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