Here's Gus, who will be filling in for the role of Buster for the next couple weeks.

My mom knitted me this nice blanket.

Feeling abandoned, except for that one-eyed Rico Rodriguez.

I don't remember Edmonton having so many cranes. Also, I don't know why this one seems to be like 30 storeys high for a plot that has barely broken ground.

This is the old Federal Building. A couple visits ago, I urban explored it.

Another crane, this one missing its hat.

The Legislative Building.

More of it.

Wider angle due to panoramaing.

Looking out over the Legislature grounds toward th Federal Building, which has had that little black glass lobby added.

I took a picture of the wading pools.

And this woman and her dog decided to recreate that one scene in Doctor No.

This weird little area in the underpass between the Legislature and the nearest LRT station was interesting in how much thought was put into it.

Crossing the river, we look out over the abandoned power plant.

In the area between Rutherford Libraries. I used to sit on a ledge to the left on the second floor to write stuff.

Chosun Korea used to be known as The Bottleneck. I never saw it open but it looked pretty well the same otherwise.

I can't be the only one who sees it, can I? How has this been here the last 20+ years?

Between Tory and the Business Building, another big atrium enclosing the space between two buildings. This probably makes less sense if you don't come from somewhere with winters.

What kind of tree is this grey thing? Please don't contact me with answers: I don't actually care.

Out on a walk across the ravine bridge.

My mom with her favourite son.

And her favourite daughter.

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