Camera Phone

This picture was taken after I stole a car. My scooter was trapped in the parking garage by incareful parking. I called the number on the dashboard of the car closest to the exit, and the driver said he couldn't get there before lunch. However, he had a key fob hidden somewhere, which he shared with me, enabling me to drive his car half a meter backwards.

This is my boy Buster inside his circus tent, preparing some doubtlessly exciting circus lion event.

From a window at work, I looked across the street at the area that's being destroyed.

Here's Millie, whose eyes match the wallpaper.

I went to an abandoned neighbourhood somewhere northeast, where I found this.

I struggled to find a way in, but I climbed through a curtain to this street.

It was little more than a cul-de-sac.

And in that direction, devastation.

Nice wallpaper.

I guess they were drying flowers.

A note to an aunt.

Nice tree picture.

A couple stairways.

The alley from higher up.

This is another way into another part of the same area. The gate was open, but a guy was right on the other side. If he weren't there and the gate were closed, I could obviously get in easily through that dog hole.

Calendar dates to last year.

Peeking over the wall.

After leaving the abandoned area, I stopped temporarily to view this stream area.

Aw crap, not another abandoned area.

Also, I thought this closed?

Time to go shopping for shoes.

Then I discovered Seun Sangga is facing pretty major renovations that are starting to take shape. Some people don't like it.

They're building a walkway that connects the terraces of these two buildings over Cheonggyecheon.

Seen from higher up.

The deck of this building is getting some new stuff put in.

Looking across the new walkway.

Yes, these have bridge rooms.

Seen from the south.

Just a little hallway I plan to reshoot.

A picture of the place out front.

I stopped by my old neighbourhood in Bukchon where I photographed the place we used to leave garbage, right up against a historic well.

And these are my new shoes.

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