Seoullo 7017 Opening

Oh man, that entrance looks...pressurised.

Lots of people up there.

Okay, wait for the cop to go by...

Yes, I see him.

Standing up higher. Probably nothing wrong with doing this actually.

Hoot her, Carol, hoot her. Something like that.

There's that ridiculous Shoes Tree. I agree, this is the Park Won-soon equivalent of the Spring Statue.

One western wing that stretches toward Siloam, which is sure to get a lot more business now.

One surprising thing was that not only did they remodel the overpass, but they installed all these additional spaces all over the place, especially on the western end. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, exactly.

So long, pal.

We got up on an old reliable roof.

Same odd little hole.

Just take a minute to look at how this area looks now, and wonder how it'll look in a few years.

That's no modest crowd.

Same shot, plus train.

Oh look, there's the 1004 building. I haven't been up there since a very early overpass open day. I was told only journalists are allowed up. I know I don't count, but it sure sounds like a legitimate newspaper.

One of the guys we met up on the first roof.

Paul gets his giggles.

So, the 1004 rooftop, a media circus.

I kind of didn't give a shit, as I was waiting for the lights to turn on at blue hour.

Got into a good corner.

You'll note the sign to the right. Also, the humongous billboard on Seoul Square.

Now it has a live feed of the opening ceremony, which I think is in that little cluster at the crotch of the overpass.

Overpass plus an image of some kind of the area.

This one, plus traffic plus a KTX is just a little psychedelic.

Boom, lights on.

We jumped into the crowd and found Michael O'Dwyer, winner of Korea's best laugh.

So there's a clown that seems to be following me around. I first saw this clown on a march through Seochon toward Cheong Wa Dae last December 3. Then, soon after, in front of the National Assembly on December 9 when Park Geun-hye was first impeached. All three encounters were large-scale events. Alvin Wong came through with this.

I came back late at night. Still crowded.

First time in a long time I've had competition taking a shot like this.

This view is totally new.

Behind the trampolines.

Their child ducked behind him at the last minute.

Taking the escalator down.

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