Yongsan Legacy

First, here's an interesting building at the foot of my alley. The bizarrely chaotic windows mean something has to be going on here. You might be able to tell there's a sort of spiral staircase inside. There's a nice eel/seagull restaurant out front.

We entered what appeared to be a residential compound, only to see the alley was public space covered by a roof. Also, there was graffiti there, including this triangular nazi.

Oh, and a Charles Manson? The vertical striped curtain behind him is possibly an entrance to an active residence. In a hole in the right we found gas tanks with tubes leading inside.

Out front, check out this very flaky concrete. I took a stab in the dark this might be the same material responsible for the Wau Apartments collapse, which while uninformed might account for why the buildings just vanished.

I got on the roof of a more contemporary apartment from where I could have a better look around at the roofs of the area.

A precarious door.

Then we saw this lounging cat.

Oh look, an alley with at least five cats.

Apparently a lot more, living more peacefully than my two cats.

This is Shinkwang Girls School, former site of a POW camp where the Japanese brought allied POWs to break Koreans of their positive view of the West. When Jacco and Matt gave their 2013 RASKB presentation, they revealed they found this location just after the final POW building was demolished. At the time, it was still visible as a building shadow on the neighbouring structure. I was able to use Street View to determine that this doorway, everything to the right of the corner here basically, was where the last remaining POW building was found. "More than you see," indeed.

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