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We met in front of Boshingak and Jihoon talked our ears off about this structure, as well as many other historic sites in eyeshot of this spot.

I think he looks like he's singing pansori in this shot.

Just as I took this, he pointed to this placard David Mason is in front of and said something to the effect of, "If you read this sign, it's lying to you." Not the best composed shot but this is a decisive moment.

Then we entered Jogyesa.

I actually just made that hand gesture to see if it's physically possible to do it.


David Mason makes an exceptional model, as does his bolo tie.

Something symbolic about this shot.

We ended up at the statue of Min Young-hwan, a minister of the Korean Empire who had a fascinating life story, eclipsed by his ritualistic and painful suicide. Jihoon kept us on this spot for quite a long while telling us about his eventful life.

Well okay, I saw some graffiti in a corner so I went for a quick look. Stepping behind some kind of sign board, I saw this sight, which I didn't want to investigate further as it reeked heavily of piss. I considered that the many elderly people in the park were using it, but this spot is within maybe 15 meters of a very nice public washroom.

I totally forget this story about the pagoda but admire the view of the house behind it.

A Buddhist doughnut!

We found this cat back here.

You'll have to ask someone in person about the history of this house.

London of Thecity dreams, yep.

Okay, we actually were offended by this sign and walked along to find another restaurant.

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